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The way of living is a lot more attributed to the fact by how much strategically we plan and execute our life ideas.

What better way than playing chess is there to learn about strategy and planning and living??

Karthik a mathematics tutor in school and also a trainer in Soft skills, Vedic Maths, Speed Maths, Memory skills, life skills and a polyglot efficiently taught Chess in a most easy learnable manner.

Chess –History

Chess is a game which is said to have origins in India is said to be derived from a North Indian word Chathu Ranga which means 4 armies which indicates the 4 types of army.

Chess is available in manuscripts right from the time when Julies Caesar played it way back in 6th century.

Chess-The complete game

Each and every segment and coins of chess has a significant special feature.

Chess is named in scoreboard in terms of Ranks and files.

Rank corresponds to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Files corresponds to a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h

Example NF3

Rules of the game

As similar to life’s rules is Chess’s rules. We need proper strategy and divide and conquer plan to have a better aim at success.

1 .Pawn’s Enpassant

This is a step which pawns only can perform where it can jump 2 front steps instead of one.

Statutory Rule: We can only perform this only on 1 st instance of move.


Castling is performed between a rook and the king.

This is done either to take rook for the offense or to take the king into protective custody for defense.

Short castling refers to the castling done on right side of a player.

Long castling refers to the castling done on left hand side of a player.


Promotion refers to the process where the pawn after reaching behind enemy lines can take any required power as a part of promotion.

As a matter of fact one can make upto 7–8 promotions.

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