“Human exist everywhere. An attempt to keep educated beyond school everyday.” — Day 08 (Power of HABITS)

Disclaimer: Whatever written here is just a perception of a person with their experience, knowledge, life lessons and challenges that they have faced in their life. It’s not the same for everyone. However, it can match your situation or scenarios in current or previous states of your life.

Hey, You’re an amazing human being.

Who are we? We, as a team of 200 people from various backgrounds are working towards a formation of community where each individual is prepared to solve his/her own problem by improving their cognitive thinking capability.
What we do? We come up with creative activities everyday that makes an individual to take action by inducing ethical awareness and examine the implications of one’s own behavior for the lives of others.
How we do? We do spread the intention through word-of-mouth and utilize technology (WhatsApp group) as a mode of communication and we meet living beings once in a month at a open terrace for THREE hours.

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“Time is your most valuable and scarcest resources.“

“1440" is the number of minutes that you have it with you in a single day. Its all about the way you make use of it effectively in your daily life.

In General, It can be anything like,
Exercising regularly,
Losing 10 kgs of weight,
Raising your exceptional children,
Becoming more productive in your work environment,
Building revolutionary social enterprises,
Grand social movements,

It starts with a single habit that you often do in a regular and repeated way. Your habit shows your behavior and makes it so predictable. New behaviors can become automatic through the process of habit formation.

Habits allow you to do many of the little things without any secondary thoughts on the situation. Let me pull in few more choices to bring it more light on your behavioral transformation,

In relationship, It can be anything like,
Saying Thank you & Sorry
Listening to your partner from zero.
Maintaining zero wastage in home.
Using limited required water resources for daily life.
Responding than reacting to the situation.

It takes determination, commitment, willpower, strength and an unwavering desire to overcome our seemingly natural tendencies to think, feel, speak and act in a particular way.

Gentle Reminder on “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen covey.

1. Be proactive: How can i improve today? What I have improved today?
2. Start with end in the mind: Be clear about your vision and destination.
3. Put 1st things 1st: What are the most important things to you? Are you actually allocating your time for what you say?
4. Think Win-Win: Make sure everyone goes home happy.
5. Seek first to understand then to be understood: Listening mind is an obedient and learning mind.
6. Synergize: Take experience and learning from the team to process it and produce new solution.
7. Sharpen the Saw: Improve consistently and enhance that greatness in you for every single day.

Overall, applying the HABIT in your life can only allow you to feel the change rather than reading an article.

Why still waiting?


Read more of others perceptions in the given screenshots taken from WhatsApp group. To join us, share your dream with us here(bit.ly/IamUnique)

Listen to our Psychologist, RJ’s & Educationalist sayings in Sound cloud

Be ready to kill your older version and your old useless definitions for money, love, relationship, dreams, goals and other best practices which upgrades every day based on people that you meet in your life. Get along with people who respect your perception and bring discussion which can enhance your knowledge.

Are you willing to change?
Are you alone who is fighting with your behavior, thoughts, feelings and senses?
Are you interested to bring changes in your life?
Are you interested to transform your abilities for loving people and the mother planet?

Then, its your place. Welcome to world family of humans. Please write your passion, desires, skills, strength and dreams with us here (bit.ly/IamUnique)
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