“Human exist everywhere. An attempt to keep educated beyond school everyday.” — Day 02 (Unconditional Love)

Disclaimer: Whatever written here is just a perception of a person with their experience, knowledge, life lessons and challenges that they have faced in their life. It’s not the same for everyone. However, it can match your situation or scenarios in current or previous states of your life.

Hey, You’re an amazing human being.

Who are we? We, as a team of 200 people from various backgrounds are working towards a formation of community where each individual is prepared to solve his/her own problem by improving their cognitive thinking capability.
What we do? We come up with creative activities everyday that makes an individual to take action by inducing ethical awareness and examine the implications of one’s own behavior for the lives of others.
How we do? We do spread the intention through word-of-mouth and utilize technology (WhatsApp group) as a mode of communication and we meet living beings once in a month at a open terrace for THREE hours.

You can check out our Day 01 Post on Topic, “Happiness” here.

Day 02: “Unconditional Love”

It took TIME to learn and define certain feelings. Love is one among such feelings which we initially SEE from movies, slowly through family, relatives, friends and everyone around us in different means like as follows,

1. Paapa, Do not go there. You’ll fall. Because, I care you.
2. Do not talk to girls/boys. Because, we know what is right.
3. Don’t hug or kiss anyone rather than your husband/wife. Because, I know your feelings.
4. STOP calling me by my name. Because, its reserved for someone.
5. You should marry a boy/girl whom I SHOW you. Because, I know what you want.
6. STOP going for football practice. Start reading engineering. Because, I know what you want.
7. Do not go outside during your periods it will hurt you. Because, I know how much it hurts me.
8. Get married soon. Because, you cant be single all alone in your life.
9. Art is not your cup of tea. You should chose a high paid salary in IT. Because, our financial freedom is important.
10. You’re not suppose to be smiling always. Because, I don’t want people to see you as a stupid smiling idiot.

In all above statements, you can easily find hidden condition is added by feeding the thought that the other partner of beloved ones is caring you or loving you or prioritizing you more than anyone in this world.

We are bound to believe the repeated values that we receive in our day to day life. When someone repeatedly pamper us we slowly tend to adopt that nature and Though we have an ability to unlearn, untrain, retrain instantly and immediately we wont like or we are not ready to get hurt in any further relationship.

Okay! now, what can be done? How shall i practice unconditional love?

No! This story doesn’t ends here. You won’t practice something which you actually don’t want in your life. So, be clear on your choice. Either you chose to show unconditional love or love with conditions.

LISTEN, when you chose unconditional love then, those above 10 points are not really valid to you. Because, you always chose to become that person whom you want to SEE in this world.

No relationship, No school, No education system will teach you, how to love?and much more unanswered questions which only people, experiences, situations teaches you and can bring in real and true answers to your LIFE.

Though it hurts or keeps you smiling always. Surprisingly, Its YOU who is going to chose what you really want in your LIFE.

You chose to love or hate
You chose to live or die
You chose to give or get
You chose to expect or wait
You chose to allow or deny
You chose to be busy or free
You chose to be with a person who loves you or a person whom you love.

You’ve plenty of choices in your life to chose. Its YOU who have to chose it and face the consequences. It may hurt you, It may bring smile or It may cultivate universal unconditional love. So, its not about others. It’s about YOU who make such choices in your LIFE.

Always, you will find someone following you. Your habits, Your actions, Your thoughts and your ability to solve problems in your life. So, make sure you cultivate what you can accept from others.

Read more of others perceptions in the given screenshots taken from WhatsApp group. To join us, share your dream with us here(bit.ly/IamUnique)

Listen to our Psychologist, RJ’s & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) specialist sayings in Sound cloud

Be ready to kill your older version and your old useless definitions for money, love, relationship, dreams, goals and other best practices which upgrades every day based on people that you meet in your life. Get along with people who respect your perception and bring discussion which can enhance your knowledge.

Are you willing to change?
Are you alone who is fighting with your behavior, thoughts, feelings and senses?
Are you interested to bring changes in your life?
Are you interested to transform your abilities for loving people and the mother planet?

Then, its your place. Welcome to world family of humans. Please write your passion, desires, skills, strength and dreams with us here (bit.ly/IamUnique)



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