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Topic :Emotional well-being

Hosting team : Subradha, Vanitha, Vignesh and Gayathri

Speaker : Akshaya

This was an eye opening session conducted by Let’s talk Let’s connect group which was conducted by Miss. Akshaya who is one of the facilitator in MottaMaadi Sandippu and also a curious counselor.

She started the session by telling about mental health, which includes the emotions, thoughts, behavior and psychology. They are completely interlinked. Afterwards she proceeded with how emotions can impact our thoughts, behavior and physiology.

When do we call ourselves emotionally well?

It is not merely feeling the pleasant emotions, but also involves the ability to identify, feel and manage the unpleasant emotions as well. Also it is neither the circumstances but the emotions that we fail to manage that makes us feel stuck in life

Frequently used strategies to cope up with emotions are as follows

1. Distracting with other activities

2. Eating /sleeping/shopping

3. Expressing the feelings and repressing the emotions

4. Hurting others / breaking things

5. Ignorance/ avoiding the emotions.

Whenever we do not work on our emotions, then we face these consequences

1) Emotional numbness

2) Intensive unpleasant emotions in unnecessary situations

3) You tend to identify yourself like ,”I don’t feel like myself these days.”

4) Decrease in ability to think, remember, take decisions and feel the pleasure in life.

5) Unidentifiable physical health issues.


None of the emotions can be avoided once they are created.

Repressing emotions for a longer period of time is very unhealthy. It also leads to lots of stress.

Managing emotions:

1. Identify the emotions like angry or sad if someone mocks you . Then recognise how you feel, for which you need to differentiate the emotion.

2. Accept how you feel-Approve it, understand their origin and explore the reason of “why”. Thereby you will tune yourself and improve yourself on further emotional creation process.

3. Express how you feel.

#When to express — use “the pause”.

#How to express? Try to express in a much healthier way.

For example if you are angry with your boss, you cannot shout back at him. Instead try to understand your mistake, pause, go to him after sometime and communicate with him how you felt. Never suppress your emotion as there is always a way.

Emotional Intelligence:

This topic tells us about how to manage our own emotions as well as others emotions, by being empathetic.

The simple wats to handle others emotions are:

* Behind every behaviour there is an emotion.

* Empathize- Validate the emotion by how to handling the other person.

* Be more interested than interesting , by knowing about other thinking and feeling.

* Avoid false hopes and statements that stops their flow of expression.

( by telling “don’t worry” , “it will be okay”, “she will surely get back with you” , etc)

* Try to avoid distracting with humour or different activity unless the situation demands.

Emotions are not built in, built we build them.

If we try to understand ourselves and others situation better we can manage the emotion in future too.

Simple add-ons for emotional wellness.

✓Create positive thoughts

✓Healthy Lifestyle (eg. Eat at right times)

✓Bring more components to your life. (Split your importance on many areas of life).

✓ Look into the bigger picture

✓ Forgive yourself and others

✓ Practice mindfulness by staying in the present. Avoid multitasking and focus on one thing at a time, with full heart.

She then conducted a small session which enabled the audience to stay close to their inner self, by taking deep breaths deeply and focusing on the warmth of air releasing from the body. It was a good relaxation exercise for them, by focusing on the third eye and facial muscles. then the shoulders and stomach parts and finally the legs. The audience followed and focused on her commands by doing the same.

Then she told to imagine themselves as a happy being, feeling peaceful, so satisfied and also going to the details of particular event in their life where they achieved something or where they were in a complete vacation. They slowly focused on the eye muscles by taking deeper breaths with more and more relaxation. Finally their eyes were open.

“All emotions are needed to make our life colorful”. “Let’s express; not repress”

The session was concluded with a thankful note by Akshaya. Finally audience asked two question some of them was how to be mentally sound enough in Covid lockdown when we were unable to go outside?

She replied to the question by telling that this can be tackled by reading sensible news, socializing, doing day to day activities with satisfaction, having relaxation time taking breaks, eating proper and practicing some hobbies in daily basis, proper sleep and being always in present alone, thereby manage the concerned issue.

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