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Have you ever thought of a business idea & don’t know how or where to start??

Uday Shankar himself a guy who started his own business and is now the director of Fliedge International has given us various strategies and ideas and also on how and where to implement our business ideas.

Begin Business online

Uday started by explaining the money flow in this whole world which we need to understand before starting our career.

Though 75% of people are employees who works in companies,the total money flow involved is only 5%.

Other 25 % who is involved in business like traditional owners and also self employed and investors,The money involved for this group is nearly 95%.

This is just a child’s play that we need to start a business if you are interested in it,go for it…!!!

How to be business ready

In order to start a business,

  • Find a need and fulfill it
  • Business plan

For customers demand there is a famous story which goes around.

There was a manager who gave a scenario to interview candidate where he gave a village where no one wore a shoe.

Every employee was saying like no one wears shoes so how can I market them??

But a guy who understood customer demand said like thanks every villager there is my customer as he can sell to every one of them.


  • Can work from home.
  • Can do the work 24*7 on our wish and our favorable timeline
  • Accessible to pan world
  • Can reach a wide range of people easily

Have you ever felt your business idea has been developed somewhere else??

If you want to start a business find where you can implement them

Following services are needed for a business

  • Copyrighting
  • Facebook ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • Funnel building
  • Web app development
  • Public speaking

Cultivate referral sources like below to promote your business

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Virtual social media gatherings
  • Cold clients

Improve your entrepreneurship skills by developing the following skills

  • Improved value
  • Be purpose driven
  • Be Problem driven
  • Acquired mindset
  • Learning ability

To develop your business in short you must keep on updating yourself with whats happening in industry and keep on improving yourself.

We must also be purpose driven on what our company is and what our goals are.

Split into short team and long term goals for your company and strive hard to achieve it!!!

Not only due to this ongoing pandemic,

Anytime anywhere online business is a hot trend

Find what problem you can provide solution either through your produts or services.

Never forget your learning ability..

Follow social media trends according to your business to keep you on your toes

Have positive people around you and also learn a lot from your competitors.

Have a good successful entrepreneur career

Good luck entrepreneur!!!

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