Let’s talk let’s connect | LTLC0113 | July 01, 2020 | Power of thoughts | Kamalambal Sivakumar

“All problems are illusions of the mind” they say.

If we train our mind with appropriate thoughts in the proper way we can achieve anything.

Kamalambal Sivakumar, a science high school teacher talks about what is MIND POWER and also on how we can visualize of our life in a better way.

Constructive and Destructive mindset

  • Shivaji Maharaj and Adolf Hitler — What do you think would have been the mindset of these 2 people growing up??

What is mind power

“All power is within you.you can do anything and everything”

Says Swami Vivekanandha.

Everything is in our hands,perhaps in our minds to tune up the kind of thoughts which we want to reflect in our life.

According to Deepak Chopra,an Indian origin American author,

We create our own world inside us with inner beliefs and other external stimulus which in turn affects who we are to the outside world.

Inner beliefs are the results of seeds of good thoughts which we put in our minds and we need to keep on watering it with continuous good deeds .

External stimulus are the thoughts which are fed to us through interactions with society and how positively or negatively we are affected through it.


We all should have a basic understanding of what happens inside our brain when reacting to every thought

Neuroplasticity is the process which takes place in the brain secreting neurons for every emotional reaction.

Neurogenesis is the process in which brain secrets protons for every new thought or when we learn new things.

We must keep on thinking new positive thoughts to keep this process running successfully.

Its time for a change from inactive dormant mind to thinking positive frame of mind.


Do you think water is lifeless???

This theory was put forth by Japanese scientist Dr.Masaru Emoto where he recognized water molecules to react differently under different stimulus.

He found out that in water,the molecules were very dormant when left alone and it was in a very active state when near human consciousness like Mozart symphony, love, sorry etc.

He said that “human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water”

Manifesting power of thoughts

Everyone talks about positive and negative thoughts.

Can we really manifest positive thoughts in order to achieve a good life and career?

There are good positive thought and also negative thought which we predominantly think is also very important.

To do this,we need the following steps which need to be Followed :

  • Conscious choice of words which we use everyday

How to visualize your life in better way??


Find the following as a starting process:

  1. What is my unique talent

Think these through and there you go…U have a plan ready!!!

Real life stories

Jim Carrey, a famous Hollywood actor when he started acting wrote himself a 8 million dollar check which he wanted to achieve in his acting career in his name.

He used this visualizing technique to help himself achieve the goal

Oprah winfey, famous TV host visualized herself standing in front of huge crowd and also addressing people a lot which in turn helped her to became a famous Tv host!!!!

Virat kohli too visualizes himself over by over when chasing a target in his mind on how to go through.

Kamalambal thus explained on how its rewarding to achieve a lot in life through power of thoughts..


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