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Designs are made by Designers. Designers are buildup by proper understanding of the design principles. To learn more about designing — Let’s talk Let’s connect a part of “Amazing Human Being” initiative, initiated to conduct a webinar on the topic Learn Designing with our young and interactive facilitator Mr. Mohan. It is a series of 5 Phases. The ideas covered in Phase 1 are mentioned in this blog.

Our Co-Host Ms. Subradha gave a brief introduction about Let’s talk Let’s Connect — A space to share and gain knowledge.

Mr. Mohan started this session with interactive questions to the participants like why they are attending this session and how they love design?

After addressing the participants, Mohan shared his view on “What design is all about?” From his perspective, “Everything in the world is designed, we need to prepare our self to look at the product from a design perspective.”

Steps for creating posters:

1. Understand the need first.

2. Search reference for the particular need. He suggested Pinterest for getting good references. Some of the keywords he listed to search are posters,

3. Scribbling — helps to get a proper idea about where we are going to place logos, text matters, and images.

4. Start designing in Photoshop/poster maker or any other designing software’s. In this session, Mr. Mohan explained about tools and styles available in Poster Maker — Mobile poster making application.

Major mistakes that we all do while in our design:

1. Some may have planned to give the content clearly in the poster itself. So they didn’t focus more on the design sense. These designs centralize more on the information. As a result, it doesn’t attract the person at the other end to look at it. To avoid this, we must prepare the full content before starting the design. While designing, our mind should not divert to that.

2. If we didn’t like the design, they who will like that. So, if we are not satisfied with design, don’t get stressed on that. Feel free to start with a new design.

3. Never duplicate design from a reference. For practice purposes that’s good. But coming to design try to replicate/recreate the ideas they used in different designs.

4. Never use default templates in the applications. Few of them may good. This will create only outdated posters.

5. Don’t use more than 2 or 3 fonts in a single poster.

The upcoming sessions will clear separate for 4 different types of designers

1. Graphic Designer

2. Photo Designer

3. Application Designer

4. Digital Artist

And also will cover color theories.

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